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Shingle Shield
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by Steve Ensminger on Shingle Shield
schools play deck

The school yard play deck WAS covered with heavy algae, mold, fungus. Not anymore. I applied SSR&DC once and power washed. Took an hour break, and did it again. After drying in this heat, it looks like a new playdeck. Went from dark & moldy, to like almost new. It is a 24' by 30' with seating, all treated 2x6 material. Bring on the kids now! A clean place to play or sit.

by Robert Bessette on Shingle Shield
Shingle Shingle Roof & Deck Cleaner


I used the roof cleaner on my roof and it went from UGLY to looking brand new! I would post before and after pics here but it will not allow pictures. One thing I can suggest is that in the areas of really bad black streaks using a slightly higher concentration (at least 8:1) and use a soft brush and rub directly on the stain after it has set for a good 15 minutes, then hose it off.

The day after I did it I simply went back and saw a couple of small streaks that I just re-applied the solution with a pump sprayer, let it set, brushed it, and hosed it off. My roof now looks brand new.

by Robert Bessette on Shingle Shield
Shingle Shield Roof & Deck Cleaner


I wrote a review back in June and wanted to include a link to an article I wrote about the project and this product I was amazed at the results and hopefully you will be as well. After reading the article you are welcome to contact me and ask me any questions. I have no affiliation with the product. I am just a happy customer. Here is the article link. You may have to cut and paste this link into your browser as HTML is not supported here.

by Paula Mcleish on Shingle Shield
Roof Deck Cleaner

I am just so very thrilled with the Shingle Shield Roof and Deck Cleaner. Practically the whole north side of the roof of my house was covered with very dark blackened areas of mold/algea. After buying this roof and deck cleaner I hired a guy who has a power washer to clean the roof for me as I am unable to do it myself. A 7:1 mixture was used and the directions were followed. Wow! what a good job it did. It took off all of the blackened areas. The roof looks great now. Thank you Shingle Shield for the wonderful product. Also I had the guy install the Shingle Shield strips to help keep the roof clean. I highly recommend this product.

by gary ungvarsky on Shingle Shield
Roof & Deck Cleaner

i've been cleaning roofs for about 6 years this is the only product that works. After cleaning the roof i install zinc strips so i don't have to go back years latter and clean it again.

by Joan Recny on Shingle Shield
Shingle Shield Roof & Deck Cleaner

I am very pleased with Shingle Shield Roof & Deck Cleaner. It removed all the black stains from my roof and it looks like new. Now I'm ready to install th Zinc strips so those stains won't come back!

by Paula McLeish on Shingle Shield
Shingle Shield

It has been 2 years since the north side of my roof was cleaned with Shingle Shield and Shingle Shield strips installed.

Not a bit of of mold has reappeared. The roof looks as good as the day it was cleaned 2 years ago. I am so happy with these products.