Shingle Shield 7pk – 21ft. 7 3-foot pieces.


Shingle Shield Zinc Strips 7pk – 21ft. 7 3-ft pieces.

Shingle Shield Zinc Strips are precision engineered to provide long term roof protection from fungus, moss or algae attack.
By installing one row at or near the roof ridge line, you protect the entire roof. Every time it rains, Shingle Shield goes to work releasing invisible, Zinc oxide to inhibit the growth of fungus, moss and algae and keep it lookiinig beautiful.  Each package contains 21 feet. Note: Roof must be cleaned using Shingle Shield Roof Cleaner before installing Shingle Shield Zinc Strips. Does not include nails.  You would need 3 nails per 3ft pc of Zinc Strip.

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Dimensions 36 × 3 in